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Would you like to learn French and learn English? 🇫🇷🇬🇧🇺🇸 Souhaitez-vous apprendre le Français et l’Anglais? 〰️ If you identify as a « Frenglish » speaker, start sentences en Français and finish them en Anglais... love France and also l’Anglais... look no further, this club is for you 🎉 〰️ This club is designed for ALL French, English and Frenglish speakers from the world over 🌍 - join us to: learn French, learn English through interactive lessons. 📆 WEEKLY 📆 🇬🇧 « Oui speak English » 🔸Interm. (B1/B2): WED - 9:30 am BST 🔸Advanced (C1/C2): THU - 9:30 am BST 📆 WEEKLY 📆 🇫🇷 « Oui learn French » 🔸Beginner (A1/A2): SUN - 8:30 pm BST 🔸Interm. (B1/B2): WED - 8:30 pm BST 🔸Advanced (C1/C2): FRI - 8:30 pm BST Please feel free to open your own French, English and Frenglish lingo rooms within the club 🎉🥳 For more info, please contact Chloé Dash Inès (@chloedashines) on Instagram and Clubhouse

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