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04/20/2023 3:00 PM


EQ 2.0 Harness the Power of Emotional Intelligence 🧐

Learn, Identify and Grow 🌿 Increase your EQ using the 4 core skills- self awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationships management to achieve your fullest potential. ❤️👏🏻👏🏻💯

04/25/2023 3:30 PM


Selling with Style - Understanding Your Client’s Needs

Using DISC as a way to understand your clients needs, and how they show up in the selling process. 🛍 Pop in to grab the free DISC resource…🌹

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🫒 ‘OliveU’ for “All of You” Olive Universty was created for the learner in YOU! ✳️ We love learning and curating rooms based on subjects our members determine - which allows everyone to be learning what they need now - not random conversations! *Join us to grow yourself 🌿to be a better you and learn skills to help you in the marketplace - NOW! Topics include: communication, personal growth, leadership, speaking, public speaking, values, understanding ourselves better —- and your health! 🫒🥦🍇

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