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Welcome to The Big Picture. I’m your host Pyotr K 🎙 This is the preeminent club & Geopolitical Hub. Join the ongoing Sitrep Room as we continue to monitor, analyse and galvanise solidarity in support with Ukraine against the actions of the Putin regime. Be sure to join us for biweekly events in partnership with Johns Hopkins SAIS fellows: - [ ] Wednesday 6 pm EST - [ ] Sunday 2 pm EST We also hold daily updates on specific aspects of the war: - Military Updates with Denny @ 12 am EST - Ukrainian News Hour with Slavie & Anna @ 3 pm EST - Humanitarian Updates with Dr Keisha @ 6 pm EST - Technical Hour with Marvin @ 7 am EST If onstage note that during the SAIS special events, we record the segments for other applications. There are 2 mottos to the Sitrep Room. 1. The overarching rule is ‘firm but fair’. This room is not an echo chamber and we welcome varying perspectives. But we equally expect proper etiquette and will respond appropriately if necessary to protect the integrity of the conversation and intention of the room. 2. The room vibe is ‘informal but informative’. We want this space to be welcoming and a space you can come to obtain daily, factual details about Ukraine. Equally we want it to be somewhere you can find solace and solidarity among friends. We do our best to balance adding levity where possible while not undermining the severity of this topic. Note: this room is about war. War is not something that you nor should try to sugarcoat. That would be a disservice to those within the situations many of use can’t even imagine. So please be aware that we approach this topic with respect but equally frankness because it’s the only way one can adequately learn about the reality of the situation.

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