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Normalize Brown Breasts

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About Normalize Brown Breasts

Normalize Brown Breasts™️ is a health equity movement to better equip healthcare providers in breast-related specialties who service BIPOC communities. It is our goal to shine a light on how having little to no brown skin representation in healthcare education resources negatively impacts BIPOC communities by limiting the knowledge base of practitioners. Without exposure to training resources highlighting how conditions present on brown skin, practitioners are ill-equipped to assess or treat BIPOC families. This leads to misdiagnosis, inappropriate treatment, or no treatment at all for those who most desperately need care. This club will host discussions on challenges and solutions around this topic, and will provide safe space rooms for BIPOC birthworkers to seek respite. This club is open to any healthcare provider who has a vested interest in normalizing brown breasts, but some rooms will be limited to only those community members who identify as BIPOC.

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