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NINA JALHAE 📝📚🇰🇷📖✈️ Nina Jalhae is a club for people who: • wish to stay updated on my upcoming novels and other projects • want to study the Korean language in a safe, inspiring, and supportive environment • are interested in regular discussions about books, television, and general pop culture • want to share information on traveling and moving to South Korea • want to connect with good people in an inclusive environment I currently host and co-host daily Korean language study groups using the Talk to Me in Korean curriculum. I am not a teacher nor am I associated with them beyond being a student. I AM an intermediate-level Korean language learner who is passionate about studying with others and providing safe spaces for all people to do so. I’m also a published author, journalist, and I’m pretty damn funny. Please click the link below for my upcoming Korean language study groups. To join NINA JALHAE, click the club icon below. • Clubhouse schedule for Korean studies:

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