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Production companies F00lishPe0ple and GHRL Ltd. are set to release their award winning feature film Lightships, a science fiction drama, across all territories on Apple TV, the Google Play Store and Amazon on the 11th of March 2022. Lightships release party on Clubhouse ✨🛸 11th of March 2022 1st session - 8:30pm GMT UK - 2:30pm CST 2nd session - 0:00am GMT UK (11th to the 12th) - 6:00pm CST (11th) Join the cast and crew of Lightships to celebrate. 🎉 British Writer and Director John Harrigan has adapted the screenplay for Lightships from the book 'Remembrance' by author and celebrated UFO contactee Maryann Rada. Harrigan's third feature ​explores how imagination, belief, the sacred and spiritual are all inextricably linked. Where one person experiences a vision, dream or idea, another might believe to be contact from aliens or angels. Short Synopsis Eve awakes in an unstaffed medical facility, awaiting diagnosis for a mystery illness. Her world and reality have begun to unravel, she must unlock the mystery of the visions and transmissions she is experiencing. Her family is missing and her journal holds the key to finding them. With no recollection of how, why or when she was admitted, she joins a group of outcast patients who cannot leave the locked down facility, for fear of what their sickness will unleash upon their families and the world beyond. Is Eve a prisoner, a patient... or dead?

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