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We are A Network of a Artist Community for Artist of all Levels! We are a collective group of individuals who take interest in the EyeLash Extenstions artistry and PMU artistry. Our goal is to have open conversations related to the Semi Permanent Makeup industries and to offer constant networking with great knowledge & resources! Subscribe to our a YouTube Page for previous recording of topics discussed on Clubhouse. Keep in mind that each city and state has their own jurisdiction, laws, and rules, and our advice comes from our own region, therefore it is important to learn of your own cities and states guidelines are in order to practice. It is also important to research products, topics discussion, individuals and companies as you continue to advance and grow! Follow Mia and administrators for a club invite and we are happy to see our community grow. This is a place of support, quality, resources and positivity. Invite your friends, your students , your mentors, those that are in the industry or looking to get into it!! Subscribe to our YouTube.

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