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You have an idea…now what?

Join me weekly as I discuss all things business, IP and privacy law. The last Friday of every month is for Q&A, so this week I will be taking any legal questions related to your business.

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🏡 A place where Christian business owners can connect and network. The largest Christian Entrepreneur Club on Clubhouse! 📲Text KBN to 803.902.3471 Grab our clubhouse notes and join the KBN Community ➡️ www.KBN.Club 📧Contact [email protected] 📷 Connect on Instagram @thekbnclub Daily Schedule Monday - Friday 🗓 Prophetic Planning Daily: 8:00 AM EST 🔥💯Faith Everyday 5:00 PM EST Sunday ❤️ Loving Yourself Through Grief: 4:30 PM EST Monday 📖HR Strategies for Small Bus 10:00 AM EST 💪🏽Fortified in Business 7:30 PM EST Tuesday The Akintunde Show 10:00 am EST 📚The Business of Books 8:00 PM EST 🧑🏽‍🦲👩🏽 Marriage. Faith. Family. 9:00 PM EST Wednesday 🎶 Worship Wednesday- Prophetic Soaking Music: 9:00 PM EST Thursday The Akintunde Show 10:00 am EST ⤵️ Position to Pivot: 7:30 PM EST 💰The Startup Room: 8:00 PM EST Friday 🙏🏽 Faith on a Friday: 3:00 PM EST Subscribe to Kingdom Business Network on Patreon and receive on-demand and exclusive content

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