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For our entire Clubhouse strategy, see *************************************************************************#IsThereEnough is a new conversation about survival and prosperity. It is promoting a human success story of triumph over adversity. It is a phenomenon in that it provokes realization about how people can collaborate in ways we have not seen before. It is based on 1000’s of hours of research in 22 countries. It shows a remarkable ability to convene people to agree, without compromise of tribes or values. In fact, it empowers them. We are confident we can prove that this silly little 3 word conversation manufactures trust in a way we can verify. You will see whether we measure up to that, on Clubhouse. We are also the team behind a new Treaty of Humanity, a treaty of human beings not nations. We say it is the last one we will ever need to sign, “a treaty to end all treaties.” Some people call it symbolic. We believe it will be made real, by agreement, and if not, it will make a great social experiment. You can find it on our website. Our rooms are always going to be titled with #IsThereEnough, followed by another #Topic so like #IsThereEnough #Food, #IsThereEnough #Water, or #IsThereEnough #Compassion, etc. As a member you can create any such room choosing any topic you like. However, if you do you would also consent to being recorded, as we will use these room replays in our social research and in our media commentaries. This includes usage in a podcast series called #NotEnoughPeople. We are a content studio. For fullest disclosure of our agenda, we are are one half of a producing team behind The World Game Business Model (i.e Buckminster Fuller’s World Game 🌍 “how to make the world work for 100%of humanity”). The other is Impact Launchpad, a for-profit social impact venture studio launching in 100 cities by 2034. The combination of these two entities is yielding a new way to invest in the future of human survival, as represented by the $3.5 Trillion Deficit in the Sustainable Development Goals. We have a strategy for closing its gap by forming new capital for it. The conversation of #IsThereEnough is central to its influence formula, and in a very practical and accessible manner. 🤝🌍💯

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