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The Clubhouse meet-up for new and experienced young professionals from the IPF Atid community 🇮🇱🤝🇵🇸 Working towards a viable two-state solution, Israeli security, and pragmatic Middle East policy through educational resources from Israel Policy Forum ⭐OUR GOALS of conversations: Wonky and welcoming • Solutions-oriented • Substance over slogans ☕ Weekly host of Thursday afternoon ET #DeepDive conversations on key issues facing our work and community. Follow our club and admins will add you as a member! 💥 📈 Guided by our values: Forthrightness • Intellectual Integrity • Partnership • Perseverance • Zionism 👀 We also exist in real life! Contact our staff to get involved in chapter cities, leadership opportunities, and more: Adam Basciano, Shanie Reichman, Dalia Jude, Alex Lederman 📧 ➡️ [email protected]

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