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About India Story Project

Stories are an integral part of us. Right from the childhood stories to incidents and occasions that have been narrated to us by people around, we have been attracted to these stories and have shaped us to be what we are. India Story Project also called ISP, as the name suggests is a platform which captures inspirational developments and thoughts around us in a story format. We are trying to archive and share stories of success and making of India. With the help of our contributors worldwide, we are assembling the unbroken saga of a growing nation. Social changes, innovations, livelihood, education, farmlands, science and many more facets of our living need to be documented and appreciated. It’s a project which attempts to do so. We seek to bring to light those faces and unknown elements from the ground which strive on with tenacity and vigour in difficult circumstances. We seek to build a tangible platform for change makers and institutions to communicate their positive stride. We seek everyone’s participation to celebrate the India Story.

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