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A space to share ideas, explore better ways to allocate capital in all its forms, accelerate ESG investing and sustainability, and create solutions together Past sessions include: 🐠 Dr. Sylvia Earle on Seafood, Sealife and Seaspiracy with Dr. Sylvia Earle, Mission Blue Policy Advisor and UNFCCC CoP26 Ocean Champion Maximiliano Bello, Professor Callum Roberts, and Seaspiracy Directors Lucy and Ali Tabrizi. Co-moderated by Elise Bernal and Christopher Calton. • Can Nutrition Save Our Global Health Care Systems? with Dr. Rob Ostfeld, Montefiore Hospital and Venture Investor Kim Anderson- collaboration with the Human Behavior Club • Investing in Oceans with Dr. Sylvia Earle of Mission Blue, Jeremy McKane of Ultramarine • Criminal Justice Reform with Jason Flom, poet Amir Sulaiman, Eliza Orlins and Aida Murad • Future of Food series on Cellular Agriculture and Plant-Based Innovation with Bruce Friedrich of The Good Food Institute, Jenny Stojkavic of VWA, Dan Altschuler Malek of New Crop Capital, 50 Years Ventures, Sustainable Foods Ventures, Geltor, Miyoko Skinner • Investing in Mental Health with Aida Murad, Adam Sud • Impact in Art with Ian Davis, Apexer, Zeehan Wazed Please check the community rules and join us! • • • 🐙 IIC Team Mascot: The octopus featured in My Octopus Teacher on Netflix (Huge congrats on their Academy Award! 🏆) ✨ IIC Artist/Storyteller-in-Residence: Von Wong 🌏 Climate: Chris Mangieri 🌱 Ag: Caio Malufe If you’d like to share ideas, propose a talk, or even lead a working group, please get in touch!

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