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We are collectively 100s of years of experience with the plant. Working to build bridges between the cannabis legacy and new industry around the plants values, love and grace. Where to find us? FB @Humboldt Grace A Community Gathering Place **Community Reminder ** All members PLEASE READ📷 Now more than ever we need to trust the spaces we are in and stand true to our values...the plants values of love and grace. • We welcome matter size, color, sex, or experience. • We will not turn you away because of your past. However, your ability to remain here depends 100% on how you choose to build your future. • We expect the BEST out of each other and have compassion for each other when we get less. • We want to hear your opposition but will not tolerate it unless it is presented with grace. • We don't want a bunch of yes people. • We do want us all to teach other how to say no with strength and ...grace. • We don't want to coddle each other!!! We want to empower each other. Dive into the hard stuff and support each other as we navigate it with love and grace. Here is our communities original statement Please read: Welcome to our intentional community. This community is for us to come together, as legacy cannabis and new cannabis. To support each other in creating an industry with love and grace, the values that our plant teaches us. We are all connected by the plant. We want to see the cannabis industry express the values the plant teaches us, in agriculture, business, policy, community, and in our interactions with each other as leaders. Cannabis empowered a culture where all women, men, and children worked together. This culture took the gifts of its land and its people to develop diverse communities woven with threads of trust and connection. We are seeing so much animosity and divisiveness in our industry. With federalization looming we need to gather in our intentions and collaborate, in order to build an industry that honors her legacy. Not rapes her. The deal-breaking rules…. Be REAL Be AUTHENTIC Speak with LOVE Act in GRACE. What are we going to do here? Share, educate, inspire, and support each other as federalization looms. So many solutions need to be found to save the integrity of our industry..

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