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The CH community for children, spouses, family and friends of people with dementia: a safe space to discuss all things caregiving, and all things dementia. šŸ™ Nothing is off limits: - the loneliness in caregiving - the caregiver's guilt - the grief in dementia - the weight of decision making - managing finances - and on and on.. Sometimes we host support groups, other times we welcome guest speakers with expertise about dementia. We discuss all dementias: ā€¢ Alzheimer's ā€¢ Parkinson's ā€¢ Frontotemporal (FTD) ā€¢ Vascular dementia ā€¢ Lewy Body ā€¢ Early onset ā€¢ What topic do you want us to cover next? DM me @shaikha_naser

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