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Let us first understand what is Hindutva? A lot of authors and philosopher have their share of definition. Hindutva essentially means “Hindu + Tattva” which roughly translates as “Soul and existence of Hinduism”. In Today’s time we consider Hindutva as Hinduism which resists. Now essential question arises resistance from whom? I will try to explain. Resistance from Abrahamic and Monolithic faiths. In tradition of Sanatan Dharma and Hindu faith one characterstic is particularly noteworthy. In the long history not a single instance of spread of faith by use of force is available. Cambodia is named after Rishi Kamboj. He went to Cambodia and came back. He never went to conquer it or used aggression / army. Widely revered Prabhu Shri Ram went to Lanka defeated Ravana and made Vibhishan emperor. Came back to rule Ayodhya. On the other hand, the whole history of spread of Abrahamic faiths is the use of force in various ways. The expansion of these faiths happened by use of force or by economic might or by political might or by combination of all of these factors. In expansion of these faiths a few facts stare us on face The Abrahamic faiths annihilated religious places of other faiths, broke or defiled sacred images of Gods, burnt their sacred scriptures to ashes, and made complete and untiring effort to destroy their cultures , root and branch.

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