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✅Clubhouse’s home for celebrating Health & Wellness Heroes🔅 Healthcare Heroes Club seeks to explore the world of Health & Wellness from every angle; from interviews to information, tips and tricks, stories of survival and success, Q & A sessions, and so much more. In the Healthcare Heroes Club we encourage Doctors, Dentist, Nurses, Researchers and ALL, to come give insight and information. This is a community of heart, health, and love. We invite you to join us in building awareness through community. . ❤️We love nominations! Tell us about your local healthcare hero so we may reach out to them for a spotlight interview here on CH along with other goodies. Submit Nominations at: 🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰. We do not give medical advice and guest/speakers do not necessarily express the viewpoint of the other moderators/founders. This club is a space for sharing.

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