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Get To Know awesome PEOPLE & what they know! Interesting, Fun, Motivational, Educational, Inspirational & so much more. We cover a broad variety of topics bringing in amazing people to get the conversation started! Think interview meets talk show meets networking event with a bit of Q&A sprinkled in. 𝗚𝗧𝗞𝗠𝗘 ™ is the proud host of the Get To Know club, visit to learn more about us. Lead Host: CJ DeGuara Our core values: Individuality • Self-Expression • Connection We believe each individual is unique and that’s a good thing, we include the difference and have a zero tolerance policy for those that don’t. Get To Know people as individuals not based on some assumption made based on Gender, Race, Orientation, Faith, Socio-economic status, Geographic, Demographic or any other difference. Self-expression is how we Get To Know people, be yourself, speak your mind, share your wisdom, BE KNOWN. Also wait your turn and be respectful of others when they speak. Be you, express yourself, listen to others as they do the same and form genuine connections.

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