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—————— GET AUTHENTIC AF —————— We’re here to help entrepreneurs get authentic as fuck in their life, brand, and business. This multi-level authenticity allows you to show up fully in your power wherever you go and in whatever you do. Authentic living in your whole life gives you the ability to be clear in your… ✓ PURPOSE ✓ VALUES ✓ BELIEFS As an entrepreneur, your authenticity allows you to know who is NOT your ideal client so you don’t chase after them for the money 🤑 like some THOT. It also allows you the freedom to not have to code switch or put on airs. This club is here to showcase the power of being your whole self in your personal and professional life. This group is run by three women who hold each other accountable 🙌🏾 for their authenticity. We don’t want fellow entrepreneurs showing up ashy, sideways crazy, and without strategic operations. We want you to #GetClearAF, #GetBrandedAF, and #GetEthicalAF. 💁🏽‍♀️ Ebony L. Green is an AUTHENTICITY COACH who helps you develop and harness desire-based authenticity for actionable power and agency in your personal and professional life. 💁🏽‍♀️ Phyllis Williams-Strawder is an AUTHENTIC BRAND STRATEGIST who helps you bring the best parts of your authenticity to your business brand. 💁🏽‍♀️Cas Johnson is an AUTHENTIC BUSINESS STRATEGIST who helps you implement authenticity throughout the operations side of your business as you scale. We are here every Tuesday at 9:00 PST to share how you can Get Authentic AF in your ✔️ LIFE with @coachebony ✔️ BRAND with @gcbrandmother ✔️ BUSINESS with @casltd If you start a room linked to our club, club admins may track your room stats via - 24877

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