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Food is Religion

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Tomorrow 4:00 PM

Food is Religion

MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS: Emotions and Validation

— Discuss the wide range of emotions and the importance of validation with in them.

Tomorrow 5:00 PM

Food is Religion

KITCHEN TOOLS: What’s new for the kitchen: Part 2

— Part 2 of our last room’s lively discussion about new products and trends Laura found at The Inspired Home Show

03/28/2023 3:30 PM

Food is Religion

FOOD EXPLORERS: Canadian Food Exports

— It's not just about the maple syrup! Canada is also the world leading peas producer & grower: pea protein, toasted peas, wasabi pea snack, etc! Come learn new cultures, try new recipes, & share your passion for food & hospitality!

About Food is Religion

🍚🍛🍙🍳🥘 Food is Religion is the premier and most comprehensive food club on Clubhouse, with over 18 weekly rooms. We want to use food as the common denominator to bring people from all over the world together- whether you’re a foodie, cook, chef, or anyone who wants to learn more about food. ☑️ We believe that eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures & cooking a thoughtful meal is a celebration of life and ❤️ 🌎 🥘 Our mission is to bring people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and economic status to share our similarities and celebrate our differences through food. We’re an inclusive, diverse club that treats EVERYONE with respect. 👸 Founder & Visionary Leader: chef Mimi Lan @thetastecurator. 😇 Admin: Michelle Gil (Inactive co-founder: chef Rehan Uddin) Our FAB 5 Leadership Team: 1️⃣ Operations Ninja: Michelle A. Gil @TheGriefCurator 2️⃣ Culinary Connector: Michael Dugan @voice4chefs 3️⃣ Inspiration Chief: Simona Terron @SimonaTerron 4️⃣ Community Champion: chef Maria Campbell @chefmcampbell 5️⃣ Media Master: chef Jason Hodge @MasteringYourMedia 🙏 FOOD IS RELIGION presents our Season 3 series of recurring rooms: ✅ Mondays 12pm ET MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS ✅ Every other Monday 1pm ET KITCHEN TOOLS ✅ 1st & 3rd Mondays 10pm ET KITCHEN CONFESSIONS ✅ 2nd & 4th Tuesdays 12:05pm ET FOOD EXPLORERS (NOTE: TRAVEL TO EAT room is now combined with FOOD EXPLORERS to form one bi-weekly room) ✅ Every 3rd Wednesday at 11:00am ET SHOOT YOUR SHOT (to find foodie friends) ✅ Wednesdays 11:00am ET AUTHOR WORKSHOP (2023) ✅ Every other Thursdays 1:45pm ET COLLAB SECRETS ✅ Thursdays 2:30pm ET HEALTHY EATING ✅ Every 4th Thursdays 4:30pm ET SOUL FOOD ✅ Fridays 9am ET SPICE ADVICE ✅ Fridays 11:45am ET MODERATORS CLASS ✅ Every 1st Friday 2pm ET PARTY FOODS ✅ Every other Saturday 12:30pm ET COOKING CLASS: taught by a different chef/cook each time ✅ Sundays 12 noon ET TALK SHOW ✅ Every other Sunday 5:00 pm ET INDIGENOUS FOOD. ✅ Random popup room
KITCHEN DIARY SOCIAL (to create new opportunities for people to meet. Follow this club to be notified of this one, and all our rooms) 📌 Let us know if you’re interested in co-modding or hosting your own room under this club. 🌳 Help us grow by nominating at least 3 people to join this club.

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