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We’re about the magic of sustainable communities & living that heals even as it quantum leaps and advances our knowledge, understanding and spiritual growth. Join to learn, speak or both! 🍎 Health Related Rooms: Sleep Magic, Naturopathy, Sustainably Delicious food that heals from the inside out, Herbal and other healing modalities. Healing for our pandemic life changes. 🌀Energy Psychology & Spirituality: like ETHOS, tapping, kinesiology, acupuncture, Reiki and other methods that create advanced health and wellness outcomes, plus allow people to take responsibility for their own healing processes to grow you spiritually. 🪢 Community: Where are we going? How can we create a sustainable society rooted in loving kindness, social justice, and mutual empowerment, so no one is left behind? 🌟🌍What topics that evolve us all and grow us forward as a people, do you want to discuss? 🚪Follow: @maryamwebster for Sleep Magic Rooms & DM if you need help

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