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About Environmental Talks

A club initiated by an Environmentalist & a Vocalist, Ashra Kunwar inculcates a community that shares knowledge and talks about Wildlife conservation, sustainability and other environmental issues happening in the city or country. We're focused on environmental topics and sustainable solutions that promote intersectionality and community resilience at the forefront. Environmental Talks is a club founded by Ashra Kunwar, an environmental activist from Nepal to bring a community of intellectuals who want to share about environment, wildlife, biodiversity, sustainability, climate issues, books, podcasts, music etc and have intellectual conversations. We aspire to have a very open and diverse community spread across the globe. We aim to optimise your club house experience, as a community we aim to ensure you have a well informed, educational, sustainable relaxed and drama free experience on Club House. We represent your digital home and safe haven on clubhouse. This is where you come to have intellectual conversations, share ideas and tips, offer sustainable solutions, chill, relax, have fun whilst engaging with intellectuala and discussing pertinent issues about humanity, lifestyle, music and culture. We create a conductive environment where it is so easy to form and build organic friendships regardless of distance. Environmental Talks in Nepal started from a need to share ideas, projects, tips that people are using to help mitigate climate change, research on the bridging knowledge gaps on Human wildlife conflict. Our Conversations evolve around the following: 1. Inculcating Art & Activism ( Music & Environmental issues) 2. Climate change & its Impact 3. Health and Well-being 4. Politics related to Environmental issues 5. Social Awareness (Racism, Equality, Feminism, Religion, etc) 6. Business, Entrepreneurship, Finance and Investments 7. Human wildlife conflict in Nepal/ Globe 🌍 8. Education 9. Projects / sustainable solutions. THEREFORE, WE WELCOME YOU TO OUR CLUB 🌎🤟

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