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Entrepreneurs With Kids Is a safe place for entrepreneurs with kids, or thinking about having kids; to network, learn and share the advantages that go along with parenthood. In addition we come together with similar struggles and discuss the complicated juggle we don’t usually get to share. This is a community, of like minded parents, that want to help each other rise and encourage each other, as we all aspire to raise remarkable children, successful leaders, build strong marriages, happy families, and incredible businesses that support our families and dreams. +This is also a place to support and share with fellow parents of young entrepreneurs building their own businesses as children. 🔑Email us to start a room🔑 [email protected] Special Rooms and Topics: 💥Business💥Podcasters 💥Podcasting 💥Coaching💥Going Viral💥Online Business 💥Story Telling 💥Brand Building 💥YouTube Creators 💥TokTok Creator 💥Instagram Creator 💥FB Marketing💥Power of Influencers💥Must Read Books 💥Family Influencers💥Mom influencer 💥Dad Influencer 💥Kid Influencer 💥Funnels 💥 Marketing💥Viral Content 💥Pitching 💥Amazon Stores 💥Growth Hacking 💥Email Marketing 💥Branding 💥Organic Growth 💥Engaged Audience 💥Engagement Groups💥Brand Deals💥AND SO MUCH MORE! 💥 Brought to you by the 🎤”Pretty and Punk Podcast”🎤 A business podcast for entrepreneurs with kids or thinking about having them. 🎬Look for us on your favorite podcast platform! Private FB group & Engagement Group 🎬@PrettyandPunkPodcast We love to put YOU in the 🔦spotlight💡 doing your juggle tag us #PrettyandPunkPodcast for a much deserved shout out! 🙏🏻 *The days of secret parenting are done. We understand background noise. We are parents here, we get it! #Mom #Dad #Mompreneur #Dadpreneur #parentpeneur

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