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Welcome to our safe space where you can share stories about your pregnancies, ask questions of medical experts, and learn how to prevent complications or maybe even find out why a loss occurred. We want all birthing people to know it’s not our fault if we lose a baby or pregnancy and we deserve answers. This club hopes to bring together birth workers and birthing people to bridge the gap and help you have an empowered pregnancy with a positive outcome. All are welcome and your voice matters. ❤️ If you are interested in sharing our stage, please DM Ana Vick, our club founder & Co-Director of Awareness of PUSH for Empowered Pregnancy. Join us for our regular rooms to help mothers bring home healthy babies and build a community that walks alongside birthing people so no one has to go through this vulnerable time alone. We all deserve to feel supported, properly cared for and comforted throughout our motherhood journeys. Help us make this a place for open, honest and empathetic conversation about our pregnancies. 🗣 Thank you for joining our club. Please share our rooms and add members to help us reach families everywhere. This club is brought to you by the bereaved warrior mothers of PUSH for Empowered Pregnancy in collaboration with Measure the Placenta. Our goal is to protect babies in memory of our children who should still be here. We are pushing for change and empowering families to make sure all babies are born healthy and thriving. ➡️ Follow @Pushpregnancy to support our efforts to end preventable stillbirths. ➡️ Follow @measuretheplacenta to find out about the studies available for uncovering the cause of stillbirths by Dr. Harvey Kliman of Yale University. Recurring Rooms: ❤️‍🩹 Sunday’s 9PM EDT: Good Night Dear Grieving Parents (support for bereaved parents) 🤰🏻1st Wednesday’s 8:30 PM EDT: Ask An Expert About Pregnancy Complications or Losses with Dr. Harvey Kliman (Yale’s renowned MD PhD placenta expert) 🌈 2nd to last Wednesday’s 8:30 PM EDT: Pregnancy & Parenting After Loss Support

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