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At Dynamic Applications, sharing our knowledge, Q & paths, we learn to empower us, we the people, altogether. Here we are who do not need to be the president ourselves. We create first small, then larger communities where we discuss matters of civilization. So we are much about creating small chances for everyone, and how could we defend them, together. Transparency. Privacy Protection. chance. and Participation. our values. At Dynamic Applications, we use Simplicity to create Transparency. We try find simple answers to challenging questions, fore to be understood then by the many. We’re all Startups in our own project, right? So we respect each other in not trying to destroy the work of our neighbour. We take what we need, then we share what we have, to create for the many. From a fair chance of participation, we develop measures to our Targets: invitation, contribution, tolerance, motivation, new idea creation, respect, discussion, benefit, value and joy, gamification, and a fair distribution. For a lifetime, then to be defended by our agb, Terms and Conditions. Sharing small ideas that we have prepared wisely, that come at a good price, to stay with the many for long time. At the minimum, we agree upon that no single person shall be worth more than two other people. On the far Horizon, we set up ourselves to transform our Clubhouse into a World Parliament with a Townhall where people have room to discuss and develop core ethical guidelines of a next generation. From Simplicity to Purpose through argument, elaboration, beauty and inspiration. That‘s our crack. You find this any interesting, stop here by and stay with us. Thank you for having us with you! Everyone invited to feel right at Home, open sessions, and represent the club, in respecting our core values: Honesty, Home and Family, a fair chance, and a fair enough level of Participation.

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