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♣️ In this Actionable Safe Space™, intellectuals, creatives, innovators, and visionaries align with internal Desire, we formulate Choices from our internal, and we Act with authenticity for internal and external impact. 💯 This is a space for all the weirdos, the philosopher thinkers, the eyes-wide-open folks, the “I been woke” folks…the “I know I’m here for something big and want to change the world” folks! 🙋🏽‍♀️ Founder @CoachEbony (The Ratchet Sage™) is an Authenticity Activator and Business Accelerator whose philosophy encompasses “your difference is your superpower” and “there is no script for your vision.” 🔥 This club’s mission is to allow for and normalize difference so folks can get to their Authentic Distinction™, offer models of what it looks like to live our entire life AUTHENTICALLY - ultimately - so each of us can Desire Choose Act™ on what we have inside to offer ourselves and others. 🎯 If you believe that difference offers us a chance to stand out and innovate & that each of us has a special song we came to share with the world that only we can - well, this is the place for you! While topics vary; the mission doesn’t - we’re LIVE: ✅ every Saturday at 2pm (EST) *we are back in June 2022* #CatchReplays 👥 Anyone can be a MEMBER and participate in the club; invitations will be sent by the Founder for leader-level membership. LEADERS will have access to member-only rooms and collaboration in this club. 💎 Follow our Founder @CoachEbony for membership and collaboration opportunities. 💎 Hit the 🔔 so you don’t miss any good ish! 💎 Feel free to invite those who will resonate with this club’s energy, learning, and fun!

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