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Design With Purpose™ is a club founded & curated by Colorcubic® / @colorcubic. It’s a space dedicated to discussing conscientious, multidisciplinary design, the convergence of tech as a growing lifestyle augmentation, as well as digital & tangible products that continue to proliferate within our lives. We’ll also discuss topics, such as the value proposition of inclusivity & accessibility of diversified creative teams, the ethical implications of hyper-localized marketing pertaining to wearable technology, empathy in design, humanistic approaches to the creative process, the toxicity of homogenized creative thinking, and more. «——————————————————» We’re a space comprised of 3D Generalists, Industrial Designers, 2D & 3D Animators, Motion Graphics Designers, Videographers, Audiovisual Content Creators, UiUx Designers, AR/VR/XR Design Enthusiasts, NFT Creators, Brand Designers, Illustrators, Authors, Creative Writers, Art & Creative Directors, and Digital Marketing Specialists. «——————————————————» Follow @colorcubic to become a member. «——————————————————» ✴️ Join us every Saturday, @ 10:55am Pacific Time for our creative highlight room, titled “Let’s Get To Know”, where we interview a creative individual, to highlight their creative journey in an attempt to get to know them in a public forum. «——————————————————» Please be sure to follow the moderators and curators of this space as well, who help to formulate the content, and topic of discussions: @colorcubic @kamilahbenjamin @almost_adam @mecyver @jenngonzales @qwestfilms @jupierce @brandenc @sosa_fresh @itsdigidal @sirsu @curpop @aladrian «——————————————————» TERMS OF USE: This space is dedicated to cultivating healthy discourse & positive learning experiences centered around design as an inclusive & creative problem-solving medium. We’re here to host new ideas, celebrate creative leaders, and uplift new creative talent breaking into this career field, as well as providing value propositions that empower our audience members & content contributors. We’re all here to learn & grow. Please join us as we continue to grow this space. 🖤🤍

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