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👋 Welcome to Data and AI Club! One of Top 20 clubs on Clubhouse (170k+ members and followers) This is the place to discuss the latest trends and topics related to Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. We are hosting Industry experts and researchers for different topics in this field. Topics include but not limited to: - Different Data roles - Interview prep - Advancements in Data & AI - Data, Compliance, and Privacy - AI applications - Startup Office hours - Responsible AI and many more... ——How to host a room?—— Submit your room ideas at Events Calendar: Follow this club and the founder (@muazma) to stay up to date! Admins: @ouvessvit, @sundas, @vishalr, @obretenov, @itachee Reach out to Natalie (@ouvessvit) for EMEA room suggestions We host 5+ weekly rooms and regular rooms on Sat 11 am/2/3 pm PST where you can start your Data & AI journey and get your questions answered.

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