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Become a member in real life not just on clubhouse. Visit First 100,000 clubhouse users have access Want to be an official member with access to members only rooms, giveaways and more? Visit right now and follow us on Instagram @cryptocurrencymember “" has been around since 2017. Providing important information about cryptocurrency/blockchain news, updates, trades, data and research, weekly livestreams, portfolio management, chart analysis, crypto algorithm charts, building your own trading bot and more. We have trading power of 500 BTC per 24hours from our financial accounts across multiple exchanges for OTC transactions. Creator "MarQuis Trill" is one of the most influential in the space, speaking around the world at conferences and won Golden Token “Trader of the year" award in 2018. Cryptocurrency Member has over 7500+ Members. Cryptocurrency Member has direct contacts in the cryptocurrency/blockchain space also proving members with access to Cryptocurrency Member wallet which mimic information CCM pushes out to the community. We have a high prediction success rate. Along the best Return On Investment "ROI" day trading on patreon. You won't feel alone anymore when it comes to cryptocurrency and the blockchain. We are a community that’s communicates with each other and shares information ℹ️. Cryptocurrency Member or MarQuis Trill should not be consider financial advisors. Conversations should not be considered as offering trading recommendations. The cryptocurrency market suffers from high volatility and occasional arbitrary movements. While price analysis and chart readings is a useful tool, it should not be considered predictive for the future performance of any investment. Visit to join our membership outside of clubhouse. If you are a subscriber $$ member please let us know so we can make you a clubhouse member to host rooms to talk cryptocurrency and advertise Cryptocurrency Member

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