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A guide to the business of creativity for artists and entrepreneurs. Conversations every Monday at 8pm ET. Join 190k awesome people, then please nominate any Clubhouse friends you think would benefit from our conversations. 🙏 Learn more about what we’re doing and get show notes at Brands, execs, startups... want to build a more creator-friendly future? Say hi: [email protected] Artists & creators: reach out to [email protected] Media? You guessed it: [email protected], and [email protected] for guest pitches. DMs open: @c_e_os on IG/Twitter. ********** Here’s a sense of what we might cover, listed alphabetically: accountant, accounting, acquisition, admin, affiliate, agent, albums, amazon, analysis, analyst, analytics, art, artist, blog, branding, business manager, buy me a coffee, CAC, ceo, churn, clubhouse, collaborations, collabs, community, competitive analysis, CPA, CPC, CPM, create, creating, creation, creative, creator, creator economy, creators, data, DAU, deal making, deal templates, descriptions, design, designer, determine, determining, differentation, directing, director, discord, economy, email, entity formation, entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, EP, essay, facebook, fashion, features, festival, film, filmmaking, finance, find, finding, focus, focusing, founder, gallerist, gallery, getting started, ghost, gig economy, go to market, google, grit, growth hacking, IG, imposter syndrome, influencer, instagram, journalism, journalist, launch, launching, law, lawyer, legal, license, licensing, LLC, LP, mailchimp, management, manager, managing, market analysis, marketer, marketing, MAU, money management, motivated, motivation, movies, music, musician, negotiation, news, newsletter, newsletters, onlyfans, optimization, ownership economy, packaging, partnerships, passion economy, patreon, perseverence, photography, pitching, placements, playlists, playlisting, positioning, PR, pricing, PRO, producer, producing, publicist, publicity, publisher, publishing, radio, reddit, referral, research, retention, revenue, screenwriter, screenwriting, search optimization, secure, securing, seo, setting prices, single, slack, SMS, snapchat, social media, songwriter, songwriting, soundcloud, spotify, stir, strategize, strategizing, strategy, streaming, stripe, substack, superphone, sync, tagging, team, team building, thumbnails, ticketing, tidal, tiktok, time allocation, titles, titling, tokenization, tokenizing, twitch, twitter, venue, viral, WAU, whatsapp, writer, writing, youtube

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