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🔥 🌿 💡 Our mission and philosophy is to add something to your day, to give you something to implement immediately to move closer to CREATING your own economy, Maintaining it and GROWING IT -Earn it, Keep it, GROW IT We believe the best use of the stage is for a roundtable discussion and as a platform to educate. This is a place to ask, to network, to collaborate and to GROW. This club will educate, elevate and empower you to pursue your passion and achieve the results you want in your business and your life Our personal economy has many components that are required in order for it to be sustainable. Taking control of our financial stability, our wealth and our future require us to be financially fit, emotionally fit , physically fit and nutritionally fit. Have you already created a stable and sustainable personal economy? Is your personal economy ready to withstand the unexpected, unanticipated shifts in life and business ? If you have already achieved this please join us and share your knowledge and wisdom. If you haven't , join us to learn from those of us who have. We can all learn from each other. Being coachable is the single most important characteristic in business and life. Looking forward to great conversations ! Core Topic we talk about : 💰 mortgages for investment properties•be the lender •Entrepreneurship •Mindset •Social Media•Business•Monetize your knowledge •Collaboration •Marketing •Networking •Nutrition •Wellness •Prevention•Obstacles•Epigenetics •Clinical Nutritional Research •Sales•food technology •FUN and more Club Founder : Beth Meyer Club Leaders @Shelley Simpson To become a member : Follow the Club Founder & Club Leadership Team Listen in on a few rooms engage with at least one leader or the founder We will have very special guest speakers who are accomplished in one or more areas of their own economy- stay tuned for announcements on who and when ! To host a room within the club message Beth Meyer on here or Instagram

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