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Discovering our authentic selves through the universal energies of numerology, tarot and astrology. Weekly Sessions: Tarot Tuesday -Messages to Guide your Transformation (45 mins) Every Tuesday @ 15:15 UTC | 17:15 SAST | 10:15 EST My cards are open and ready to guide you. No predictions! You will receive messages to navigate you into consciousness and bravery for your evolution of self. Project Me - Bravely & consciously transforming together (45 mins) Every Wednesday & Friday @ 15:15 UTC | 17:15 SAST | 10:15 EST Every Wednesday & Friday we get together to understand what it means to make yourself your personal project. I share my transformation tools and you share where you are ready to brave change. Sunday Energy - Numerology & Astrology for the week (45 mins) Every Sunday @ 15:15 UTC | 17:15 SAST | 10:15 EST We chat about the numerology and astrology of the week so you can consciously navigate through the week with the energy of the universe!

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