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Welcome To Club-House Women Connect! This is a place where you’ll be able to connect with ALL Women, both personally and professionally. WEEKLY ROOMS: ✳️ Wednesday’s 8pm EST: Q&A with Celebrities, Thought Leaders, and Inspirational Women ✳️ Thursday’s 9am EST: Connect & Find Your Tribe! ✳️ Friday’s 11:00am EST: Weekly Wins, Share Yours & Network! 🎁 Giveaway every week! **HOW TO JOIN THE CLUB** Follow both the club, and the club founder @elenaduque, you will be invited after following. 📜 Mission Statement: To give every woman the power to connect, create, and share ideas, FEARLESSLY. 👯‍♂️ This is a community for women craving connection with other badass women- let’s do this💥! 🎤✳️ Wanna host a room? We love that! DM @elenaduquebeauty to get it unlocked. Topics we cover: ⚖️ Etrepreneurship 🌈 Influencers/Bloggers ✨ Connect & Network 🌱 Wellness 💄 Beauty/Skin 🥂 Happy Hour Talk 📲 Social Media Marketing 👩‍👧‍👦 Motherhood & more! **NOMIMATE 5+ WOMEN TO JOIN THE CLUB SO WE CAN GROW 📈!

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