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πŸͺ² 400 cities worldwide will take part in the challenge. 🌍 global-project search for Friends of Clubhouse & join πŸ•· 🐜 🐞This is a clubhouse club πŸ¦‘ run by active City Nature Challenge (CNC) coordinators 🐌 The game is run by 🐒 The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County πŸ¦‰ and the California Academy of Sciences πŸ¦— Download > iNaturalist app , log in & you are good to go! πŸ‘£. πŸ’š. 🐾. πŸͺ² 🌍 Telegram: 🦜 (Ara). On search for projects πŸ”Ž friends-of-clubhouse πŸ•·πŸ€πŸ•· The game is on! πŸ„ 5 kingdoms - regni : animali, vegetali, funghi, monera, Protisti. +2 ~ 7 kingdoms = Fungi, animal, plant, Protozoa, chromista, archezoa, excavate, rhizaria

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