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About Blissful Rising

This is a Black queer & trans centering space where we will discuss & explore all things sëx, pleasure, eroticism, love, tantra, mindfulness, consent, kink & anything else that supports our  journey towards Bliss. This club is about carving out a space to connect & experience each other. It's about enjoying life, getting rest, laughter, communal care, & raising of vibrations collectively. To be clear, when we say rising, we mean arousal or an uprising or even rising above the shaming & violence imposed on our pleasure. That is not of for us. Pleasure is not always bright & sunshiny. Many of the most beautiful sacred things are dark. Dark pleasures also exist here. Cum. Our love, our sëx, our cumming- together is sacred beautiful & radical act. We get to explore the divinity of pleasure here. This space embraces & celebrates trans & gender expansive experiences always. All bodies are worthy of pleasure; fat bodies, disabled bodies, neurodivergent bodies. . . Intersectionality is our lens. This space is enthusiastically sëx positive and pro hoe. Here's to Blissful Risings together ✊🏿

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