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Bitcoin Beginners is about understanding that Bitcoin is a new beginning. The Multiverse will Evolve - A Digital Declaration of Independence for the inhabitants of the Post Truth and PostTrust.World is required - We bring an attitude of gratitude, we are curious about learning and contributing to the evolution of People Powered Public Infrastructure - “PBaaS” Public Blockchains as a Service - We deeply appreciate the UTXO Blockchain, the elegant resolution of the “Double Spend” problem by Satoshi via the Nakamoto Consensus - Knowledge is Power - We welcome polite knowledgeable discussion of Economics, Cryptography, FinTech & Digital Assets, Self Sovereign Identity. We believe the future should be People Powered, Decentralized & Distributed via Open Source Multiverse Technologies: This Club is powered by - An Open Source “Fair Mined” & Minded Community of Collaborators from The Internet of Valu - Join Us!

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