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Global beauty lovers unite! Welcome to The Beauty Club on CH. Here we are curating a space inclusive of all those who love beauty. With a focus on community building we offer programming that hopes to serve #beautyclubhouse as best we can. All are truly welcome. Learn from the experts. Connect with the brands. Identify potential influencers. Hear from the icons. Find your retailer. Discuss with your peers. Share your story. Know someone on CH that loves beauty? Tap the little person at the top right of the screen and nominate them for The Beauty Club. [WEEKLY ROOMS] 💇🏾‍♀️Beauty Clubhouse: Beauty Townhall For All Sundays 3PM EST The Beauty Club was founded by Michela Wariebi, but is undoubtedly sustained by the community. If you want to join in and host a room or suggest a topic please shoot Michela an email! 📧 [email protected] Let’s keep the conversation going. Join our Facebook community. 美丽 • 아름다움 • 美しさ • bellezza • belleza • beauté • schoonheid • Schönheit • skoonheid • skönhet • ਸੁੰਦਰਤਾ • خوبصورتی • સુંદરતા • সৌন্দর্য • ความงาม • सुंदरता • գեղեցկություն • kagandahan • Красота • زیبایی • ውበት • kukongola • kyakkyawa • ima • mma • ubwiza • botle • runako • uzuri • ubuhle • ẹwa • áilleacht

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