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When Dealers Band Together, No Crisis Can Win - Join FREE at 🚘👊🏻🇺🇸 🇨🇦 Market forces and companies are aggressively working to dismantle, siphon from, and smear the dealership model. WE ARE NOT OK WITH THAT. Are you? This club (and the ASOTU Organization) is for those who believe in the Retail Automotive Industry to band together and PUSH BACK. 

🎖 ASOTU has been endorsed by the biggest names and thought leaders in automotive and beyond like Rhett Ricart, Brian Benstock, Glenn Lundy, Damon Lester, Dale Pollak, David Long, John Luciano, and many many more. 

⚔️ ASOTU extends far beyond Clubhouse into livestreams, LIVE events, podcasts and more. (

🗓💥 🚘 WEEKLY Rooms: 🔔 WEDNESDAY’s @ 10a EST: Pitch Tank By Auto Genius 🔔 FRIDAY’s @ 9a EST: Collab w/ All Things Used Cars by David Long 🛡JOIN US to support your fellow Dealers and Allied Industries to continue our important work supporting local communities and providing economic stability for generations to come. Learn more and get great regular content and sign up for our “Daily Push Back” email @

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