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Welcome to the Astronomy and Astrophysics club! Let’s talk about our universe through SCIENCE! Topics include cosmology, dark matter, dark energy, planetary science, asteroids/comets, stellar physics, interstellar medium, star formation, galaxies, black holes, astrobiology, astrochemistry, gravitational waves, ground-based telescopes, space telescopes… you name it! _________________________________ RECURRING ROOMS: 📡 Ask Astronomers Anything (A³) 🗞 Astro Newsroom 🪐 Ask Laird Your Astronomy Questions _________________________________ This club welcomes all people: astronomers and astrophysicists, as well as people who are interested in astronomy and astrophysics, or the curious fans of our universe. 🪐🌠⭐️✨🔭📡 🌕🌞☄️🌌 Club icon: Antennae Galaxies - NGC 4038/NGC 4039; Credit: NASA/ESA/Kevin M. Gill

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