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MEET ME AT THE CLUB! IT’S GOING DOWN!! We are SUPER 💥 EXCITED to share this space with you! Visit the various rooms in the club that inspire and delight you. ✅There are no teachers here except the one that is already within you. ✅There are no individuals here; only Oneness. This club is for those who naturally vibrate to the frequency of this space. Enjoy rooms that offer organic connections with others who choose “LOVE” as their normal vibration. When we share in this space, we share from a “this is what I heard” approach, because the message you heard may not match what someone else heard. Your message is for YOU. 😊 Please identify the Leaders and Admins of the club. When creating rooms in the Ascension Community, be sure to ADD all of the Admins and Leaders as co-hosts and make them MODERATORS if they enter your room. Be sure to review the rules of the club before participating. In addition, please respect the club and help us keep it a safe space for everyone by not using this space to promote content that is not in alignment with the club or rooms in the club. This includes, sharing links in the chat room, spamming attendees with unsolicited messages via the back channel or using the “share room” function to post your message in the hallway. If you’re unsure, please check with one of the admins before sharing. Failure to do so may result in your profile being blocked from the room. The Ascension Community offers a phased moderator training for the community. Please reach out to any of the admins if interested. CashApp: $AscensionCommunity

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