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Afropolitan is creating a Digital Nation to enable all Africans to build abundant lives. Afropolitan is a project that aims to create a digital nation for people of African descent worldwide. The goal is to build a network that brings together the best of Africa and the diaspora in areas such as art, finance, technology, health, energy, sports, and media. The network will serve as a curator of talent, culture, capital, information, and experiences. The long-term goal is to build a digital country in the future. Afropolitans believe that the nation-state experiment has failed for Black people worldwide and aim to provide an alternative with a focus on abundance and the destruction of scarcity. The strategy for building this digital nation is to launch it first as an online community and then to materialize it physically after reaching critical mass. The project will be executed in four phases: Network, Come for the Network, Stay for the Tool, Minimum Viable State, and Full Sovereignty. ========== =================== ✨Club Founder: Eche Emole✨ Do you want to collaborate or have something to discuss? You can send us a DM and follow us: Twitter: @afropolitan Email: [email protected] ========== ===================

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