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Zohe Mustafa




šŸ“ˆ A "Growth Hacker"ā€‹ / "Marketing Technologist" i.e. a hybrid background of web / software development & sales & digital marketing. šŸ’» I use marketing technology to deliver growth solutions to all stages of a marketing funnel. There are literally 1000s of marketing and growth technology vendors globally all offering SAAS for different tactics. I can help you choose the right tech stack. šŸ“Š 24 years in digital working with over 55 companies including Enterprise & Startups on client & service side. I am an "expert-generalist" having started in IT, moved into business & marketing, then consulting + sales/marketing. šŸ›’ 18 years working in Retail [E-commerce, M-Commerce, In-Store] 10 years working with Digital [Media] Services such as TV shopping, broadband, mobile, digital TV, mobile apps/content, music, games, maps, email, digital stamps, mobile 4G. šŸ”¹ļø An integrated digital, e-commerce, multichannel marketing & Online sales specialist with 20 years experience managing & implementing digital marketing programmes for blue chips & start-ups. šŸ’” An innovative & progressive approach to conception, development & execution of strategic marketing plans & product lifecycle. šŸ“° Blogger and Publisher of six content portals in genres of Lifestyle, Pop Culture, Growth Hacking / Digital Marketing, Environmental Activism & Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Talk to me about guest blogs, sponsored content, SEO collaboration. šŸ—ŗ Data & analytics driven experience of marketing, trading & operating in the global market on digital channels & working with big budgets & time-sensitive deadlines using cutting edge Digital tactics. ā˜„ļø Defined Digital marketing channels strategy, managed, launched, optimised & sustained 100s multichannel [360] digital branding, transactional & direct response campaigns. šŸ¤– 24 years of digital marketing such as PPC, SEO, Affiliates, Data feeds, Display, Mobile, SMS, Email, Social media channels, Marketing Automation, A/B Testing & Viral marketing, & CRM to drive conversions, traffic & awareness. šŸ§‘ā€šŸ’» Serial Entrepreneur and experienced practioner of multiple No-Code solutions. šŸš› Worked on multiple Digital Transformation projects and campaigns.