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Zogra Cox




🍃SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATION GUIDE and PROSPERITY FACILITATOR🍃 🔥 I help entrepreneurs tap into PROSPERITY and ABUNDANCE through SUBCONSCIOUS REWIRING and ENERGETIC ALIGNMENT. 🌈 I facilitate healing and transformation through SPIRITUALITY, MINDSET & ENERGETIC work. I am passionate about my clients' journeys to SELF EMPOWERMENT. You are capable, you are powerful. My House on CH: 🏠 HEAL AND THRIVE HOUSE 📢CLIENT'S WORDS: "I came to Zogra not knowing about this site to be honest. I have come to her to receive a RTT session and I was amazed at how well it went! Not only have I been able to resolve some old issues I had not been aware of existed bit also release a huge amount of stale, stuck energy that has been lingering for over two decades now. After the session I have been in awe how much actually came up and how good I've felt after that! I can highly recommend Zogra to anyone who wants to rid themselves of old baggage, and finally heal of old wounds, blocks, and want to live a truly free life! Thank you very much for a wonderful session!" - Merlin Stadtler, Germany. Some Qualifications (Even though the work says more than the certificate ever will😉) 📕 Cambridge CELTA certified English teacher ☁️ Hypnotherapy 🌀 Reiki Practitioner (Distance Reiki - enquire) 🌻 Luna HO'OPONOPONO (Facilitator of authentic ancient Hawaiian healing modality) 🧬 Certified GENE KEYS Guide ☀️ Intuitive I ❤: 💎 Crystals 🌓 The Moon 🌳🍀🌾 Forests, trees,animals, rocks, People and the ocean 🇿🇦🇬🇷🇮🇱🇮🇳 Languages 💎MY VISION: A new era grounded in the wisdom of our ancestors, the ancient ones. A world wherein being aligned to our true nature is the norm, not the exception, where love, harmony, unity and interconnectedness with all of creation rules supreme. ❤ 💶SEND MONEY/ PAYMENTS to PAYPAL: [email protected]