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Zainab Jameel




DAILY TALK SHOW: THE SELF CARE TALK SHOW at 9pm EST Monday to Friday. FOR THE LINK FOR THE NEXT ROOM JOIN THE SELF CARE TALK SHOW CLUB! I am a Global Mental Health Advocate, Leader, Changer and Mental Health Law Changer. My life mission is to spread awareness on mental health. 🌍My Life mission ; 🌍 Global Mental Health Advocate, Leader and Changer ©ZainabJameel2022 🌍Join My Global Movement for Mental Health Change!©ZainabJameel2022 🌄Community Mental Health Advocate, Leader and Changer ©ZainabJameel2022 🌟ADHD Advocate- Part of a community group for ADHD. 🎙️Podcast coming soon in 2023 🌍🎙️YouTube channel coming soon 🌍My Life mission and the Services I provide ; 🎙️Life Coach-coming soon 🎙️Neuro-developmental Occupation Therapist Coming soon 📒🎓 Consultant in Education Student Mental Health Support 📑 Student to Student Support©ZainabJameel2022 (one to one service and available in support group setting) 🧠I organise Mental Health Awareness National/Global Events. 🧠I am organising a Mental Health Conference- Personality Disorders ©ZainabJameel2022 Coming Soon in 2023. 📖My Research: 📖 Narcissist (personality Disorders) and Narcacistic Abuse Researcher©ZainabJameel2022 📖 Personality Disorders and Brain Trauma Researcher(psychology)©ZainabJameel2022 📖Mental Health Law Researcher | Future Mental Health Law Changer ©ZainabJameel2022