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Zia Stolbie




One half of Entrepreneur Sister Duo - 🔮Stolbie Sisters aka The Witches of Grasstown Instagram: @stolbiesisters YouTube: Spiritual Leadership: 🌱Cannabis Industry + Community + Culture + Content Creator + Collaborator + Ethical Strategist Focused on entertainment with an educational lean & bridging the gaps between legacy to legal spearheaded by evoking community, history and with strong relationship foundations. Helping people to understand & benefit from the power of the plant with education by integration paired with conscious lifestyle with purpose, intention & compassion Cannabis Sister Tipsters and Consultants trailblazing in: 🎬Media Marketing 🎤Events 🌱🍄Advocacy ✌🏽Philanthropy 📽Film Industry + Production + more Co-Founder of GG media lab, The High-End Dinner Series, The Coven Club & Stolbie Brand 📍Based in Vancouver, BC Canada Leading with Authenticity ~ Intuitive Empowered Empath | Lightworker | Mystic | Humanitarian | Manifesting Generator | Energy Alchemist | Synchronicity Witch | Divine Feminine/Masculine Embodiment | 📍Consciousness in 5D 🇨🇦🏳️‍🌈✨☯️