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Anna Kristina




Mental Wellbeing Strategist . Dream Therapy . Songbird . Spirit Seer ✨~*~✨ >>>>>>•<<<<<<•>>>>>>•<<<<<<•>>>>>>•<<<< MY OUTLOOK 🌞 One who dreams is one who walks with spirit. In my eyes, you are, in this moment, a magical being in a scientifically brilliant organism with a wealth of inner knowing flowing freely through the superconscious mind 🌳 I believe we are all an integral part of the fabric of the universe and my role is to be curious about how you experience your world, to see your beautiful soul and to sing you to sleep 🌺 >>>>>>•<<<<<<•>>>>>>•<<<<<<•>>>>>>•<<<< ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF COUNTRY 🌏 I pay respect to the Indigenous Elders and Ancestors, the Spiritual Custodians of Wakka Wakka, as I live and work on the land of their dreaming. I thank them for allowing me to carry out the spiritual work I do while I am a visitor on their land. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF ANCESTORS 👩‍👩‍👧 I pay respect to my own Ancestors, and the many lands from which they have come. I recognise and honour the spiritual lineage of my Grandmothers >>>>>>•<<<<<<•>>>>>>•<<<<<<•>>>>>>•<<<<