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Zelda Robinson (ZeldaSpeaks) is a Southern Girl w/ Northern flair, with a passion to de-Stress our lives. 🧚🏾‍♂️DEA (DeStress Energy Agent) 🤐Spiritual Consultant 👀 GUEST WANTED! showcase your product/service/talent/wizardry as a guest on & HlnTvShow! 📚Reading: The Melanin Empath 📕Read: BLACK PEOPLE INVENTED EVERYTHING! Dr. Sujan K. Dass 📚Author 📕I Knew I Should’ve Have Followed My First Mind! (ebook) 👂Audio: The Passion Principles: Pathways To Purpose, Power & Profit! ✍️ N’Spirational Conversations Vol.1 ✍️ N’Spirational Conversations Vol 2 ✍️ How I Reversed Type 2 Diabetes ( ✍️How To Get Free Grant Money! 📀 StressRelief 21 Day Home Model Practice Manual 🧠Creator (AUDIO) of The Innovative Mindfulness Breakthrough System! (10% Discount Mention CH) 👁Want Something Different? 🫀Do Something OUTRAGEOUS! 👂INVEST in S.E.L.F. 📕Appointment-Private Session 💰$ZeldaSpeaks2 ☎️312.409.6619 ✅ 🧠 🅱️ 🎙Podcast Higher Learning with ZeldaSpeaks on Monday Morning Mindfulness 7-9am CST Take flight on The AFTERSHOW 9AM CST Same Station! 📺TV Producer/Editor/Creator [email protected] 🎙Veteran Radio Broadcaster 🎙Worked @WGCI/AM 1390 Gospel 🎙V103 NSpirational Conversations 🎙WJPC/106 JAMZ/950AM 🎙Dusty Radio 1390 🎙WEJM Dusties 🎙WNUASmooth Jazz 🎙WSSD Blues 🎙WCPT Talk Radio 🎙WCRX Radio 🎬Producer/Host /Editor (See my first documentary short: Douglas Robinson-Homeless Man Murdered! & PATRICK’S PARTY!-same channel) 🖤Media Manager for Non-Profit ✅Subscribe 👀Seeking Guests!! email: [email protected] social media @ZeldaSpeaks I IG: hln.homeless.project IG: ZeldaSpeaks2u 🔽Use Promo Code MMM (10 percent off hln t-shirts/Mindfulness/STRESS Relief AUDIO Program or ebook! 📚 📱Download FREE! . ✅Thanks for Subscribing! ( Yu Go Now!!) :)