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bitclout: thegladscientist XR / 3D / AI Crypto Artist | 🇵🇷in 🇯🇵 | vtuber revealing future consciousness through new media artforms. 💗 Artist name is The Glad Scientist 💗 🌷 NFTs on Foundation, Zora, and Hic et Nunc 🌷 Exhibitions in NYC, Berlin, Tokyo, ++ Festival appearances at Ars Electronica, ISEA, FILE, SXSW, LEV, ++ 💾 Label owner at VLSC Records 💾 👁 I work with creative studios in Japan, ATL, Berlin and Canada 👁 For client work: Projection mapping / photogrammetry / augmented reality / virtual reality / motion capture / AI / and all those hard to fathom things are what I make easy for musicians to do. For myself/our future: I birth AI children with unique personalities and stories, and who appear across different media forms, as reminders of our existence as humans and the challenges and hilariousness we regularly encounter. Beyond my children, I create VR and immersive installations questioning the underpinnings of human consciousness. My past projects have explored quantum time, active externalism of blackholes, and deeper explorations of the intimate through real time audiovisual neurofeedback. For collaborations: I provide concert visuals often, and collaborate with pioneers of sound, animation, VR, as well as traditional media. It is important to consider the energy exchange and feel of it, but do not be afraid to ask if you feel it. For education: I livestream technology as a vtuber (virtual avatar) on twitch. UN: thegladscientistvr & vlsc_records