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Edna Bibb




⚡️Energy MasterMind⚡️ ☀️ Solarpreneur - Solar 📈 Investor 👩‍💼Founder & CEO @GreenGo Energy Solutions 🛢Oil & Gas Service Co🛢 🚂LPG & Fuel Exports to Mexico 🚂 🚛 Trucking Babe 🚛 Midland, Tx 🚪D2D Queen 🚪48408 👷Blue Collar Millionaire 🚧 Sold over 1B+ Energy 🇺🇸American Proud Latina 🇲🇽 Call Texas 🇨🇱 home 🇮🇱Soul 🚀ELON Take Me With You.CLUB🙋‍♀️ Helping Men and Women with a can-do mindset reach their full potential. True success comes from being of service to others. If you’re tired of starting over, 🛑 STOP 🛑 giving up. Quotes “W1nning is an ADDICTION like none other, and once it shows you some unforgiving love, you’ll crave that love forever.” Tim Grover “If you need encouraging words... Don’t do a StartUp” Elon Musk