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Dr.Mitra Zarrati




Dr. Mitra Zarrati ▪️Nutrition Specialist, Assistant Professor ▪️Director of MPH (Master of Public Health) Group in Medical University ▪️Founder and CEO of AsanDiet startup ( Online Diet Therapy Counsultation) ▪️Startup Interpreneur 🇦🇺 📚 Author:+45 Publications 13 books (Food and Drug Interaction, Nutritional Assessment, Nutrition during Chemotherapy, ...) 📊 Researc Interests: 🔸️Nutrition 🔸️Obesity 🔸️Cancer 🔸️Genetics 🔸️Immunology I am animal lover.🐶🐕‍🦺🐈🐈‍⬛🐤🦜 Contact me in WhatsApp: +61 416 549 291 🍎 I have built, scaled & lead my startup named “AsanDiet” in the categories of clinical nutrition therapy and health consultation since 2018. 🍓It is worth noting that my team is the group of nutrition specialists/experts, psychologists, sports coaches, rehabilitation trainers, lymphotherapists, and oncologists who gathered together shaping AsanDiet as the first health-related business which provides novel nutritional counselling services for patients with various types of diseases and disorders around the world. 🍊 My professional team provides professional diet plans and follow-ups for our clients around the world. 👌No pain No gain.