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Zane Aveton




Social. Gamer. Streamer. Community. 🙋🏻‍♀️ 2X Shorty Award winner 👑 @Pepsico’s Most Connected Person at #SXSW Social Content Creator + Strategist for Pro Athletes • Celebrities • Big Brands • #FullTimeGAMER • Founder: #SMASHOLOGY • #ZANEOLOGYTV #TwitchAffiliate • #XBOXAmbassador • Porsche Collector • Remodeling a Home • Toxic Mold Survivor, but only b/c of stem cell therapy for my body + video games for my soul/mind. VIDEO GAMES, especially Super Smash Bros Ultimate Online helped me thru losing my mew home & control of my immune system as well as living w/out my STUFF. NOW: • Slightly addicted to Pokémon UNITE • Thinking about YouTube + YT LIVE My Story I have recently taken my private [personal invite by me only] uniquely wholesome gaming community public. I’ve chosen to stream the journey to a very specific destination to not only document , but allow people to observe the highs, the lows, the standard “accepted” way and my experiences as I “press play” to create a new way to enjoy gaming. My ultimate goals is to seek, discover and feature uniquely interesting and talented HUMANS who game ~ in a safe, courteous, toxic-free environment. Still Reading? I am a mom of a teen who is an artist. A gamer. Quietly brilliant. Immensely talented and simply *interesting.* When I see the depth of artistic talent in young gamers , yet I observe how they seem to be embracing limiting mindsets and mindless game commentary that doesn’t even sound authentic coming from their artistic souls, I know it’s because they are immersed while still impressionable. THEY are why I STAND UP. [CREDENTIALS... “who is this Zane person” 🙋🏻‍♀️] OG Social Web. Respected. Award Winning. Quoted. Specializing in COMMUNITY. Retired from the daily grind by a wise investment. Off the racetrack , but always observing and processing how brands and humans experience each other with the tools and the methodology they are embracing My clients were ranked #1 in their fields from sports to global brands and I have never applied for a job or pitched a client. I was/am asked to join a team or included as a specialist based on how I approached my own presence and the instinctual way I presented my clients” message through social media content. Socials: @ZANEOLOGY Streaming Platforms Xbox, YouTube, Twitch: /ZANEOLOGYTV